OWM Hand Made

This was our first wine and it seeks to really represent our work and commitment to preserving the most characteristic features of the vineyard and its environment. With natural acidity, native yeast fermentation and a blend that changes with each vintage, this wine is our introduction to what we do and what we want to share with you.


This is our catch-all label every year, which we use to showcase special small-batch wines. This label was created in 2014 as the product of two barrels of Carmenère that we originally didn’t consider bottling since they would have produced so few bottles that we could have counted them on the fingers of our hands. Because of this, we named it CONTAO (“counted”, from the Spanish verb “contar” meaning “to count” or “to tell”) to reflect small batches (less than 1.500 bottles) where we feel free to make wines that might never appear

Divino Petit

Divino Petit refers to a small 80-liter (17.5-gallon) barrel that was fundamental at the beginning of our project. This was the barrel we used to age a Carmenère back in 2011, when we had no idea what the future held. Today, Divino is a blend of two very particular varieties, in equal proportions. We work differently with each variety in order to bring out its very best. Petite Sirah and Petit Verdot have proved to be a mix that we have been getting to know and improve over time. It is now one of our most exclusive wines, with sales directed at clients who are already familiar with the wine and who have at some point dared to set aside any prejudices they may have had about these two varieties.

Pillo de Panamá

Pillo de Panama was inspired by a typical character you can find in rural parts of Chile, who has a quick and perceptive mind. His distinctive behavior, though sometimes rather shameless, is what makes him stand out from the rest. The first edition of this blend came from the vineyard on the Panamá estate, which is located in the Panamá Valley. You can still find this typical character, who is easy to identify.


Marianena is our iconic wine, made 100% from Carmenère from the oldest vineyard on the property. Its name is the combination of the names of each of our mothers, who shared a large part of their lives together before forming their families.